Build a SignalR Connection Indicator with TypeScript and Knockout

I've build a message infrastructure for the company I am working for which allow to collect tons of production data from our factory (about >4'000 db records per minute). In addition I've built a web frontend to query this data and to live monitor some of the data. The monitoring includes pushing current server throughput statistic data and event messages like error etc. that that happens in the factory next door including lots of additional data to understand what’s behind these errors.

Configure IIS for passing static-file requests to ASP.Net/MVC


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At Encodo we had several ASP.Net MVC projects what needed to serve some files with a custom MVC Controller/Action. The general problem with this is that IIS tries hard to serve simple files like PDF’s, pictures etc. with its static-file handler which is generally fine but not for files or lets say file-content served by our own action.

ASP.Net MVC Areas


After some initial skepticism regarding Areas, I now use them more and more when building new Web-Applications using ASP.Net MVC. Therefore, I decided to cover some of my thoughts and experiences in a blog post so others may get some inspiration out of it. I'll cover topics to modularise a web-application as well as building pluggable feature-set's one can share between web-applications using NuGet packages.

Future of Mail Inspector


I am evaluating what to do with Mail Inspector to get this tool a future. Currently Mail Inspector is what today is called "freemium": the basic Software with all features is free but limited to one email account. To get unlimited accounts unlocked one have to get a license for €19. Over the last years there was little to no active development for Mail Inspector as I personally ...

Lift-Off 1.6.5


Lift-Off 1.6.5 ist seit heute verfügbar. Für Updates starten Sie Ihr Lift-Off Programm und klicken Sie in der Hauptmaske auf "Update installieren" oder im Menu ? > Auf Programmupdate prüfen > Installieren (Versionen älter 1.6). Mit dem Update wurden einige Probleme mit der neuen Lizenzierung bzw. dem Demo-Modus behoben.


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